6 Jan 18: Strength/Eight of Wands

You know Strength by now, and we amazingly have the honor of her presence again this morning. In order to clarify her message today I drew another card, the rather exciting Eight of Wands/Clubs. This is a card about communication, possibly a lot coming at you at one time. Today, we’re not the ones who need the Strength, though. Someone else is. Today, a word of encouragement or support will go a long way, and it possibly may have to go a long way, as this could be someone at a distance. You may have to be somewhere unexpectedly.

Maybe there is someone who you know who just always knows what to say. Always knows what to do or how to bring a situation under control. Not with force, but with a gentle voice, humor, and kindness. Just the sound of their voice makes everything better.

What would they say to you?


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