8 Jan 18: Two of Swords, reversed

“I don’t want to know” is a message of this card, almost a “see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil” kind of a vibe. Stalemate. On the traditional decks, a woman sits on a shore, blindfolded, arms across her chest holding two swords, which she doesn’t really want to have to use. Whatever maintains the status quo, she turns a blind eye. A difficult decision she doesn’t want to make. Aspects of someone’s character she doesn’t want to see. But no one is putting anything over on her, she simply doesn’t want to see it. Keep the peace at all costs.

Reversed, the woman on the Russian deck holds her swords at her sides, uncrossed, ready to use them if she needs to, and is not blindfolded. It’s almost as if the blindfold has literally fallen off and her swords, too heavy to hold crossed at her chest in this position, fall away and hang parallel.

For whatever reason, she has dropped her defenses, thrown off the blindfold and must look at the situation – whatever it is, bring it on. Screw it, she can’t hold up those heavy crossed swords anymore. Let them fall where they may. Since we’re working with the Number 2, the situation would most likely involve a partnership, possibly a working partnership.  Libra, Gemini, Aquarius (air).



3 thoughts on “8 Jan 18: Two of Swords, reversed

    1. I would advise that if one is interested in Tarot-inspired ink, that it be carefully placed on a part of the body that the color and design of the tattoo acts as an activator/healer to that part of the body. Also, a positive Major Arcana card would be a better choice…


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