9 Jan 18: 7 of Coins / 9 of Clubs

Do not disturb, work to do, says the 7 of Coins (Pentacles, Discs, LP’s) This man, on a log with his ax, has been busy as we can see from all the wood he’s cut and the lovely, carved discs he’s made. He is taking a moment of rest, and behind him is a beautiful wooden cabin and fence that we assume he built himself. He looks up from his work, stares into space for a moment and wonders if all this investment is in the right place…is it worth it?

I drew another card to clarify for this poor log-man and out came the 9 of Wands, a card of defense. On this card, our battle-weary hero stands among his 9 clubs beside his wood-chopping friend, and reminds him to shut everything out and focus on the task at hand, which is worth it. The 7 gives our worker the faith to carry on, and the 9 beside him the strength to shut everything and everyone else out if necessary.

The man of the 9 -a number of completion – will do what he must to ensure the carpenter completes his work and will protect the work itself as well. Perhaps our worker is re-building something that had been destroyed, and actually does need a physical guard over him as he works to re- build. Is it worth it, he may ask, if he may lose it all again?

Carry on, keep the faith, ignore the haters.

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