10 Jan 18: The High Priestess

Burn the witch! Why does this Priestess, crowned with the moon and holding a mysterious scroll of ancient writings, scare you? Only those with something to hide would be reluctant to stand before this Priestess, the female counterpart of The Magician. She can do anything he can, but without the ego. This is the first woman, she of pure intuition and honesty. You cannot hide anything from her. She is The All-Knower. She is encouraging you to tap into your intuition, which we all have, but the ‘middlemen’ of organized religion would rather you not know that. You are psychic, you do have her inner voice, be still and listen.

This is a trusted advisor or counselor. If you need one, find one, but you may know this woman already. She’s the one who knows what you’re thinking, and somehow you know exactly what she’s thinking.  Her eyes see straight through you, and she doesn’t need to say a word. She knew what you would say before you even say it. The pomegranates illustrated on the curtain that hangs behind her indicate fertility, and the ‘apple’ of the Garden of Eden. If you are trying for a baby, she can help you, but encourages you to study your moon position and cycles as throughly as you study other positions and cycles!

Honesty – be honest with yourself. You have as many phases and cycles as the moon, stay tuned in to yourself.

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