11 Jan 18: Judgment reversed

Are you judging yourself and/or others too harshly? Do you need to make a final decision and you just can’t seem to make it? Has someone passed ‘judgement’ on you? Are you awaiting a final decision of some kind? Perhaps you are waiting on a legal decision, a promotion, even for someone to forgive you.

I described this rather morbid and strange card – even on the most benign decks this card is just – uncomfortable. The angel blows his horn over a cemetery and the fresh-looking (thankfully) dead rise from their graves. And that’s on a good day.

Yes, there could be a judgement against you. Yes, you may make a bad decision. Or, someone else may make the bad decision to hold back essential information preventing or obstructing some kind of final judgement. Not cool, not legal.

Step back. What decisions do you know you need to make this year? Are you afraid to make a ‘final’ decision about something?

XX = 20 = 2              2018 = 11 = 2


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