7 Feb 18: The Emperor

“Don’t ask me, go ask your father.”

This card is Dad,  brother or husband, but definitely the one who makes the rules, and he expects them to be followed. He is the very picture of authority, confident, accomplished, and respected. He is not a cold man but he is all about logic. Whereas the ‘father figure’ in, say, the King of Cups would be the one giving you the bear hug while patting you on the back with a reassuring “there, there now…” this Emperor simply sits you down, tells you to pull yourself together and discusses your options. His guidance is valued and his advice sought after. His number is 4 of the Major Arcana, so his very presence ensures stability and solid reasoning. He’s the Emperor for a very good reason.

For the more esoterically minded, the number 4 is said to be the first number to show the nature of a solid – exactly. This is the man who knows how to assemble the moving parts to make shit happen…a tangible reality. Action outweighs reflection, contemplation, and deliberation.

This man could be in government, or any sort of leadership position. Upright, he can always be trusted for sound advice if you are lucky enough to be granted an audience with him.

Everything he does he does with conviction and total dedication. He’s quite inspiring, this great man. He’d have to be to have landed the Empress, his wife, who is pretty badass herself, and the ruler of 3 worlds. Quite the power couple.

Great idea, now what about the budget and the timeline?





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