8 Feb 18: Ten of Wands

Why did I take all this on? Why did I say I would do it? Why did I tell them I would when I really don’t want to? Why did my mouth write a check my ass can’t cash? Oh great, now in saying ‘yes’ to everyone and everything you’ve double booked yourself so something has to go and someone’s going to think you’re an asshole anyway – or not.

“It’s ok, we’ll just do it another time.”

The ten is as much as you’ve got, and you can’t give any more. But you’re working harder, not smarter. The enthusiasm, fresh beginning or idea that was the spark of the fiery Ace of Wands in this suit (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) is now an unwieldy ( much like the word itself), clumsy, huge bundle of heavy branches that our friend pictured – who is obviously young and strong – can barely continue to carry. Some are sprouting, some are hacked off at the top, some are smooth and seem dormant. Too many ideas, too many misfires, unfinished or undeveloped or incomplete projects. But this crazy took it all upon himself, and the load may be too much for him.

He’s learning, though, and the 10 being the completion of  a cycle, he’s ready for the next.   Possibly he or she has taken on something they simply weren’t ready for, prepared for, or didn’t have the skills required to finish the job.

It’s all too much, I’m calling in sick.

Don’t bother, you’ll only lie in bed all day worrying about having to get back to it tomorrow.





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