9 Feb 18: Seven of Wands

Stick up for yourself. You are right, you know. Right?

On this card a man is positioned to stand up for himself, his reputation, and his work.

This is a card of having to defend yourself, or defend what you have – you may have competition. However, the number 7 is a number of faith, and you have faith in yourself, your idea, or your decision, and you will passionately defend it. No need to scream and shout and justify…just stand in your truth. This card (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius connection) is very much on your side.

This is a test. Are you sure enough of your position to ‘fight’ for it, or are you hysterically explaining and defending and arguing your position in order to convince yourself?

Have faith in you. In the Russian deck, a white dove floats above the head of a man with a spike-tipped battle club in hand, ready for battle. The remaining 6 lay at his side. The white dove, though, symbolizes peace, so there is nothing to fight for – yet. He is apparently at the top of a mountain standing at the edge of a cliff, but it is dark and there is nothing we can see in the distance. He’s basically ready for anything.

You’ve got it goin’ on so don’t let anybody tell you you don’t.

Stand up for your own work.





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