11 Feb 18: Temperance

Take your time. On this card of the Major Arcana, we see a winged figure – usually female,  often androgynous – patiently pouring liquid from one cup to another, back and forth, mixing and combining elements as if to achieve a perfect blend. One of her feet is ankle deep in the water of a clear pond or stream, and one foot rests up on the grassy bank.

This is the successful combining of energies, elements or people. The ‘back and forth’ of fruitful and ongoing negotiations. Maintaining balance.

This is alchemy and purification. The chemist, the healer, the circulation of our blood. The most common word associated with this card is probably ‘moderation’. However, this card was sometimes referred to as “Time” and the rhythm of constant filling and emptying and harmonizing ‘ingredients’ between the two cups is reminiscent of sands in an hourglass, or the eternal figure 8.

This is a talented mediator or manager who knows how to put the right combinations of people and projects together for success, and can be trusted to restore cooperation and harmony to the team.

The holistic practitioner who expertly blends herbs and oils for any ailment. Even an acupuncturist restoring the flow of chi. 

The balance of male/female, conscious/unconscious, light/dark, Yin/Yang, this is all about the natural dualities of life and the world.

Be mindful. Be patient. Be consistent. Be deliberate. Pace yourself. Stay in control.

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