12 Feb 18: Seven of Cups, Queen of Coins

Slap! Work before play. Happy Monday. Sure, you work for yourself, you can do whatever you want. You’re your own boss. Freelancer. Independent contractor. Or maybe you just have the day off for some reason…

The 7 of cups is a surreal and dreamy card. 7 beautiful cups float before our astonished gentleman/woman as if manifesting from a dream – each holds its own contents, but how does he choose? One holds jewels, another a snake. Which of the cups are of real gold, and which are cheap painted plastic? Choices! Offers! Decisions! This is a kid in a candy store, allowed to choose 1 thing. But what if the delicious looking chocolate he chooses has something crappy in the middle (you know, the one you’d put back in the box with a bite out of it)? Deception, illusion. Choose from your highest self (7).

Let’s blow the day off and do something fun, what do we want to do?

It’s Monday, says the Queen of Coins/Pentacles/Discs/ and money. This practical, grounded earth sign (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) is here to grab you by the ear and lead you firmly back to your desk and back to work. You should thank her. This Queen is organized, reliable, successful, secure. She’s a good hostess and definitely knows how to have a good time, but not today. It’s Monday, and there is work to be done.

So we choose the practical thing, the ‘adult’ thing, the responsible thing.

The Queen of Coins winks.







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