13 Feb 18: Six of Swords, reversed

Why can’t I move on?  Sometimes for some very real reasons.

On this card, a man pushes off in a boat toward an unknown shore. In some decks he has a woman beside him, wrapped in a blanket. In some decks, there is a baby. Do they want to leave? No. But there is nothing left for them where they are, possibly even have grown up, established themselves. Or they have outgrown their very lives, and seek their destiny elsewhere. It’s a brave and proud card, and the man pushing the boat through the water with his long oar has at least faith in himself and his ability to deal with whatever awaits on the foreign shore. In the Russian deck, the boat is beautifully carved, the couple beautifully dressed, the man determined. Perhaps he has been transferred to or appointed to an important position elsewhere, and his wife is not too happy about it.

Reversed, the boat is weighed down, and simply cannot move. Something or someone is preventing this move or change. Baggage for sure, but swords suggests this is of a physical nature, something is unfinished before we can move on, but move on we must. Perhaps the very vehicle or person responsible for our transport has failed somehow, or the house didn’t sell when you thought it would.

What or who is holding you back?

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