7 March 18: Eight of Cups

There’s nothing left for me here. This is a heavy, sad card ruled by Saturn, a heavy, sad planet.  A lonely figure holds a staff and is walking away from 8 gold cups stacked on the shore of a body of water. Through the cliffs and rocks we see in the distance open ocean. On the Russian card, the moon watches over him with an expression of distress and concern. He doesn’t know where he’s going, and he doesn’t even want to go, this traveller, but he must, as there is nothing left for him here. His plans never came to fruition, his dreams never materialized. The cups seem empty, and he must seek his fulfillment elsewhere. Perhaps he’s lost friends or family and the memories are too much, he can’t stay here anymore. I always advise people to move if there is sad energy from a divorce or death in the home.

This can also mean estrangement and distance between friends or loved ones. Perhaps he is turning his back on the world to follow a higher calling. The Russian card is said to have been inspired by St. Basil, who rebelled against the early Christian church, rejecting the flash and bling – gold cups and all – to embrace a monastic life working with the poor.

This can be a card of depression. He should be happy with his 8 beautiful cups, but he’s not. He needs 10, the fulfillment of the cycle, and it won’t happen here where he is. He knows those missing 2 cups are out there somewhere.

There are several astrological sites online that calculate the best places for you to live according to your chart. Have you ever felt more inspired, more ‘yourself’, or just seemed to ‘click’ with people more in one city or place than another?

Where are you happy? Because you’re no longer happy where you are.




One thought on “7 March 18: Eight of Cups

  1. Lots to say Johnette, here is not where I want to, to many other eyes.
    Thanks for being you Johnette True me too !

    ” Have you ever felt more inspired, more ‘yourself’, or just seemed to ‘click’ with people more in one city or place than another? ”

    Yes, I have, and it’s not here, ‘am not one of the bible thumpin’ hangin’ from the cross trinity of guilt sin and blame good ‘ol boys.
    Hah !
    Someone please give me a nickel for every time I’ve heard the words:

    ” You ain’t from around here are ya!?”

    Sometimes complete with eye squint, tobacco juice stained teeth, and beer breath.

    This is not a new revelation, oh no left this area when I was 16 the 1st time drawn back here to family ties that are no more, the close ones have since split on their Journeys to the Spriit World.

    Have an idea of some places I like where it’s good for me there, be lots easier if it were just me, I’d been gone some time ago, 10 years ago, two very important people counting on me.

    Love, Peace, Happiness


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