8 March 18: Page of Wands/Staves/Rods/Clubs

Great news! Your mojo’s coming back! This Page brings welcome news, an invitation, or  a hot new idea. As a person, Pages are young people of either sex, a teenager or even a child. Because he or she is only a young Page in this suit of fire (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo) he hasn’t really learned how to ‘handle’ it yet, and may be a bit excitable. But it’s hard when you’re all fired up!

On this card, a young traveller holds a staff and stands in a desert. However, his wooden staff sprouts new green leaves, and he must plant it somewhere, or this promising new energy – new start – will be wasted.  Behind him are three pyramids.

On the Morgan-Greer card and on older decks as well this Page wears the usual flowy, blousy garment of olden tymes and a brown cape caught at the shoulder by a strange, round, jewelled brooch. So it’s very unusual that he wears what looks to be a brown derby with a feather. A souvenir from his travels? The much-persecuted Gypsies, strange to the Europeans when they made their first appearance in the Baltics were assumed to be Egyptians because of their dark skin, hair and eyes, and were tagged as ‘gypsies’, short for Egyptians. In fact gypsy children were often told to just say they were Egyptian to avoid being bullied and harrassed.

Now this history is interesting, because nobody liked Gypsies (the Roma) but they knew shit like forging and herbal healing. So these annoying people brought new skills, techniques and other cool things like playing cards and the violin to Europe.

Maybe someone younger than you is on to something? Hear him or her out…

The best thing, though, is for you to feel this way yourself. If you haven’t felt that ‘spark’ in a long time, it may just be coming back.



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