9 March 18: The Moon

The moon has many faces. So do people, sometimes. This watery, Piscean card can really distort things. She’s like a funhouse mirror in the sky, the moon. And she is definitely a She, man in the moon myth or not.

Dreams, visions, illusions and delusions. In the cold light of day, things may not be quite as dreamy and beautiful as they seem under the flattering, silvery, starry glow of the diamond moon. Sigh. How romantic! How iconic – how intoxicating. Exactly.

And we love it. Poetry, fiction, theatre, film, art – inspired by the mysterious moon since the beginning of human civilization.

Appreciate the energy of this card and ‘go with the flow’.  Weird dreams? Moon.

This is vaguely uncomfortable, as we never see her whole face, just what she chooses to show us when she chooses, and always presents her most flattering angle. She’s literally re-reflecting the clear bright light of the Sun, like a ray through water.

You may need to take a night off, rest, and drink a lot of water if you’ve been living a nocturnal life recently…

You may be more emotional than usual, and very moved by art or music. Immerse. Let yourself believe in magic for a bit…

It’s the moon, it’s a phase.








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