10 March 18: Queen of Swords

“First I brush my teeth, then I sharpen my tongue.” – composer/musician Oscar Levant, though often attributed to writer/poet/humorist and major influence Dorothy Parker, a Queen of Swords if there ever was one. Old timers call this the Widow’s Card, as it can mean a divorced or widowed woman. This Queen of Air has no time or tolerance for fools or fuckery. She is only interested in the facts, the nuts and bolts, and the bottom line. She is very accomplished, and considered equal to her husband, the mighty King of Spades, the most powerful King in the deck.

Her ruler (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) Mercury, the quick little messenger, gives her that quick sword-sharp tongue that is much feared but much respected. Damn if she doesn’t see through the confusion and mess and everybody elses’ muddled emotions and while everyone else is gnashing and thrashing and weeping and wailing, she calmly offers up the solution. Which is why people go to her for advice. She maintains emotional detachment, choosing to see, speak and hear the truth and only the truth unclouded by emotion, and whether you can handle it or not is not her problem. She’s a gifted interpreter and mediator, trusted by all parties involved.

This Queen is an inspiring energy because she is the card of Self-Mastery. She will settle for nothing less that your full potential. Neither should you.

Her eyes stare straight at us. She holds her sword upright with confidence, surrounded by lush red roses in full bloom, so she is not without passion or love. She is of air, and light on her feet. She herself is probably an accomplished dancer or musician, and a brilliant conversationalist and wit. But she saves it for the King, and doesn’t let her guard down for anyone else.

She brings logic, clarity, and a steel-cold slap of sense.

What a bitch.








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