12 March 18: Seven of Coins/Pentacles

Wait a minute..why are we doing this again? Re-assess.

Stand back, look at the big picture. On this thoughtful Morgan-Greer card, a man stands in a garden of some sort, seven ripe ‘coins’ or ‘fruits’ of his labor ripe for the picking amongst rich, green leaves. He tends his garden well, but the naked hills behind him – blue and green, dreamy and  promising – beckon.

Monday: Mercury, the messenger.. comes and goes, so this energy is temporary. Brings things that may or may not be permanent, good or bad. E-mails, people, money, letters, temporary assignments.

This is a serious card. You’re good at what you’re doing. Very good. But is it really where you want to be? Are you working for the right people? By the time you get to the 8 of Pentacles, you’ll need to commit to this skill, trade, project or even a family, because then you’ll be fine-tuning and working to get it all exactly right. That’s going to take commitment, and with this 7, which asks us to question our faith in who we are and what we do and why, asks us to stand back, check our progress, past and future, and make sure.


There will be no turning back from this. You will decide, and you will make the right decision. But you need to step back and take the time to assess.










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