13 March 18: The Hanged Man

You are free to go..where?  A strange card, for sure. The image of The Hanged Man is a disturbing one, origins of the image traced back to the Norse God, Odin, who hung himself for nine nights from the tree of the world,  was given the wisdom of the Runes.

We see on this card a man hanging upside down by one foot tied with a rope. On the Morgan-Greer card, it is not a tree he is hanging from, but a scaffold-like structure he seems to have built specifically for this purpose. His face is calm and serene, and one leg crosses the other from which he hangs. It’s a very self-sacrificing card. He’s almost in a yoga position, the Sirsasana, the upside-down pose the Yogis believe stimulates the mind. This Major Arcana card is ruled by Neptune, everything liquid and dreamy, artistic and musical. He’s probably writing a symphony in his head, or envisions a work of great art. He has not made his sacrifices for nothing. Odin probably cut himself down from the tree and wrote a triple-album of Heavy Metal classics…

For whatever reason, we are ‘hung up’. Can’t move forward, can’t move back. In order to move forward, we may need to sacrifice something – a way of life, a way of thought. We are in a ‘holding pattern’, but can make very good use of it. We may not be able to make a move yet, but can use the time, the stillness and solitude to dream and create wonderful and beautiful things when we decide to ‘come down’ from the tree. Or, when we are ‘cut down’ and free again to move about the cabin, as it were. Whether self- imposed or limited by external circumstances, you’ll find this ‘dead’ time will have proven to have been valuable and necessary.

This is a person who has literally removed his feet from the ground, and is not, for the time being, of this world. The number 12, which is the number of this card, is quite the celestial number: 12 houses of the Zodiac, 12 months, 12 hours. 1+2=3, creation, and from this period of withdrawal and contemplation, there will be creation, divinely inspired.

He’s tapping into the Source.

It may not be the happiest of times. The Hanging Man may be quite misunderstood, but is oblivious. Only he knows how profound his transition is and will be, and must be.

Hang in there.

This card can remind you to mind your blood circulation…definitely invert for 2 minutes a day, even legs up against a wall. The dogs will have no idea WTF you’re doing, it’s hilarious.



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