10 April 18: Seven of Coins/Pentacles

Standing at the crossroads. Coins or pentacles are of the Earth, Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn. Nothing emotional here, no hearts or flowers. This is a card of practical, earthly investment of time and physical labor. Work. The number 7, however, is quite the unstable number, and a powerful one. Every cell in our body is said to renew itself every 7 years, which means you’re literally not the same person you were when you were born.

Pictured on the Rider – Waite traditional card is a man leaning on a hoe as in a long handled gardening tool taking a minute to reflect and assess his work which has been to tend and grow a lovely money tree that is a bushy green growth hung with big gold coins. On the Morgan-Greer card, a man in a blue work shirt and leather apron is at a workbench chiseling and engraving the large gold discs, and we can see rows of completed coins behind him, but it seems he hasn’t even looked up from his work since he started and just keeps slaving away.

We get it, you’re very good at what you do. We admire your work. You’ve accomplished quite a lot, and at this stage feel the need to ‘stand back’ and re-assess your big picture. This card is asking us to stop rushing around, take a break and re-examine where we are, why we’re where we are, and where we’re going in our lives.

Why am I even doing this? It’s possible that our man or woman has been working for free, or is having second thoughts about what he’s being paid. “Is this worth it?” is always the feeling I get from this card. You may have invested a lot of time, effort and money and yes, it’s starting to ‘bear fruit’, but is the yield worth the investment? You’re starting to wonder.

This is a very good card for those in the arts. Artists are pretty grateful to be paid for what they do at all, so as long as he’s working, the artist is content to see realized what he’d imagined.

From time to time we need to stand back and assess, but this can also be a procrastinator. If you’re committed to whatever it is you’re doing, have your coffee and get back to it. If you’re not, consider carefully why this isn’t satisfying you, especially on a material level. Time is money, labor is money, and we need money to live.

Who and where will you be in 7 years?





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