11 April 18: Ten of Coins/Pentacles/Earth

Old Money. This is a card about money, but there’s quick money and then there’s ‘fuck you’ money, which usually has been in the family for generations.

On this card in the Morgan-Greer deck, the couple look familiar. A man and woman stand in the stone archway of what certainly must be a castle or manor, and even the  light shining from within is gold in color.  Two huge red flags on golden flagpoles are crossed as if guarding the castle and the family within. On each flag are 5 huge golden pentacles.

On a the more traditional Rider-Waite card there is usually a garden pictured within the castle walls, and we see several generations of a family enjoying the garden, and will for many generations to come. This is an established family name, the creating of a legacy. This card can mean marriage but usually it is more a marriage of financial benefit, the merging of two powerful households into one. On the Morgan-Greer card the couple do look familiar: the woman wears the turban of the successful single woman of the Nine of Coins, and the man looks like the moustached worker slaving away on the Seven of Coins,  but our man’s hair is a bit longer, so perhaps our beautiful turbaned woman was his motivation for finishing the job, which he has. It seems these two – each bringing equal value to the relationship – have decided to join forces.

This is the 10, the maximum energy of the earthly suit of Pentacles, representing all things material and tangible. This is winning in a big way, but even if this card means an inheritance, someone worked for it, and you’ll have to work to maintain it, and usually that means respecting tradition and living by the established family rules. This card stands for The Establishment in a big way.

This is a great card if you’re thinking of joining forces or partnering up with someone, not because you have to, but because you want to. Long term conservative planning is what this card is asking of you, and in return promises abundance, success, and security, whatever that means to you and yours.

Invest that tax return.









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