12 April 18: Ace of Swords, reversed

Stormy weather. To say the least. I don’t want to give this mighty Ace any more power than it has already – which is a hell of a lot – so I’ll just assume it’s a comment on this morning’s desert weather. The weirdly colored sky is a weak grayish-yellowish tint I can only describe as jaundice, and the wind is crashing in from all directions. It’s very unsettled and uncomfortable. Howling and groaning. Don’t like this sky. Don’t like this wind.

The Ace of Swords is of the extreme power and energy of the Air (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra). This double-edged sword appears upright in the Tarot 3 times: also on the Queen of Swords who holds her sword upright with clarity and confidence, able to analyze both sides of the situation, and Justice herself who uses her sword to cut through the bullshit to the truth to bring resolution. This card is about the power of the logical mind. Intelligence. Reason. It is a card of conquest and domination.

Reversed, this is plain tyranny. This is tension, mental imbalance and stress. Somebody isn’t in their right mind and not thinking clearly. This can lead to ‘cutting’ words and arguments. This is not a good atmosphere at all, this is losing control of one’s temper and the resulting self-destruction.

This isn’t good, but it can’t last forever. Perhaps your usual drive and determination have temporarily deserted you, or you’re not thinking straight for some reason. Step back until you’re sure. You may be acting unreasonably or have had a pretty harsh setback of some kind which may have had something to do with a legal or tax situation. As much as these things can affect us emotionally, this card reminds us that the solutions are always about chopping up the problems into pieces and taking logical steps to resolve them.

One of the keywords for this card reversed is ‘debacle’. What’s it gonna be today?

Watch those crazy ass mean tweets, it’s like sending little knives through the air…




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