15 April 18: Judgment

The Awakening. I could make myself crazy looking back at the archives on previous readings of this card, but it wouldn’t necessarily mean anything today, in this particular space and time. Cosmic, yes? Yes. Today is Beautiful Sunday, influenced by Neptune, who is the Big Daddy of water signs Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. Dreamy and of the heart.

I’m no astrologer, but I know Mercury is now direct, meaning we can stop treading water and going over and revisiting and revising whatever and maybe we’ll stop misplacing things and appliances will stop frying. All systems go. Also, a brand new moon in Aries today, and she’s wanting action.

The Resurrection is the familiar Tarot image of Judgment. An angel emerges from the clouds to blow a golden horn like a flying snakecharmer raising the dead from their graves.  Men, women and children all rise from their opened coffins, arms outstretched. This End of the World thing is not exclusive to Christianity or the Bible, the idea is consistent in many pre-Christian cultures.

Let’s take a breath and look at the Salvador Dali card.

In the accompanying book describing the cards of Dali’s deck, ‘Judgment’  is described as ‘a choice between good and evil’ and ‘men freed from the shadows of the world’.  His illustration is much more complicated than that.

I’ve noticed that when Dali’s figures appear as line drawings, outlines of figures, as on this card, he means ‘other people’. I think. On this card, there is only one recognizable figure rising up out of a gold coffin surrounded by other figures whose faces are obscured by butterflies, or their butterflies ‘can’t fly’ due to the weight of the religious robes we can see on their bodies: one is in a red robe, the other in a robe trimmed in gold.  There is an angel blowing a golden horn, but he’s blowing it directly at the only figure who seems to hear it – or who the angel is choosing to hear it.   The angel is only aiming that horn at one person – a dreamy bearded hipster who looks an awful lot like Jesus. It seems the richly-robed butterfly heads – Jesus has a butterfly on his head, too, but it’s black, not blue, the color of their dreams – aren’t listening, they don’t hear the horn.

On either side of this scene are the loosely painted, sketchy outlines of two faces, turned inward, as if judging.

But the Awakened is not listening to the faceless hordes, only to the horn, who is trying to breathe life into his dead butterfly.

Salvador, you truly exhaust me.

So ‘The Awakening’ is really the essence of this card today it seems.

Spring and all.

This card can also mean feeling a calling of some kind – so whatever you feel you are called to do – from the deepest place within –  all systems are go.










One thought on “15 April 18: Judgment

  1. Thank you for these sharings… they are always so perfect when they arrive.

    I was just listening to this song. One of the first that my beautiful sister has written in at least a year. It is so blessed to see her emerge again into the place where her voice and her incredible heart greet us.

    Because they came back to back. I will share.. it feels appropriate and I gather you will get it if you do choose to listen…



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