16 April 18: Seven of Wands/Clubs/Fire

Drop your guard, or not? This an active card, and Wands/Rods/Clubs being of the fire suit (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) are rarin’ to go, no doubt, given the green light by their very own New Moon in Aries.

7 being the uneven number that it is, the man on this card, positioned with his staff held firmly across his chest and ready to defend himself and his own 7 sprouting, new-ly leaf’d branches, is smart enough to know that whatever he has accomplished can easily be taken away from him, so he is forever defending himself, his work, and his point of view.

This was my idea! 

Well, fight for it then. Stand up for yourself.

If that idea or plan was really, really yours, and truly important to you on a cellular level, and you really, really believe in it, then you will have no problem fighting for it. Don’t let other bully-people take credit for what you do. Stand up for your work. This man isn’t defending his money (coins), he’s defending  his ideas, which are divinely inspired. Or is it his ego at stake? Both.

Nobody ever got anywhere without having to defend, or stand up for, their way of life, beliefs, and identity. But this is not a card of war or conflict, this is a card of proudly standing by your very choices in life.

You may have to do that today and you’re on top, for sure, just make sure you really believe in what you’re fighting so hard to maintain.

It’s Monday. Put forth that 7-day plan and stick to it.












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