10 May 18: Ace of Coins/Earth, reversed

Money trouble is one of the meanings of this card, one of the luckiest in the Tarot when upright.

The Ace is of Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) and relates to the material world but also spiritual well-being in that one is at peace and secure in one’s occupation and surroundings. Money, security, work, property, investments. Gifts, a promising new job offer. This is a powerful card and a beautiful image: the Great Hand in the Sky reaches down through a bank of white, fluffy, dreamy clouds to offer us a huge, glowing, golden coin held in his ginormous palm. We are in a lush, green  garden blooming with red roses and white lilies, a beautiful,  leafy arched trellis leading out to green hills in the distance and the blue, calm ocean beyond. The Hand has picked the right ‘gardener’ to entrust with this ‘seed’. It will be well ‘invested’, well-tended, and provide many harvests in the future (for more detail on the Morgan-Greer image, check the archives). The ‘gardener’ has proven his dedication and ability, as everyone can see by his blooms. His work speaks for itself.

Reversed, it’s pretty much what it looks like. All I could think of when I pondered this card reversed today was that it looked like someone dribbling a basketball…then dropping it. This is literally money ‘falling’ out of your hands..or an offer that, after much consideration (dribbling), has been turned down. Or you yourself has had your offer or project rejected – remember even the most successful people on this planet have experience rejection or outright ridicule over new ideas or methods, many of course we now take for granted.

This card also means old-fashioned greed, envy and jealousy. Keeping up with the mythical Joneses. That giant gold coin could be super-glued to the Sky Hand. He’s so cheap, he won’t let it go. Poor Hand, he may come from poverty, and never feel like he has enough, no matter how many coins drop out of the sky.

Maybe the new job you were so excited about isn’t what it was cracked up to be, or the new company isn’t taking off like you thought it would. Maybe you made a bad investment, or someone is mishandling your money.

This card also reminds you to take care of health, even if it seems like a ‘little thing’. Also making small but consistent changes in your daily routine may be called for. Small starts, one day at a time. A dietary change…it adds up.

Don’t compare yourself with others, especially your significant other.

Get out and find more people to hang out with that aren’t so hung up on money.







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