11 May 18: The Lovers, reversed

A bad choice. 

The gorgeous Lovers card and the Karmic # 6 of the Major Arcana was sometimes called ‘The Choice’ back in olden tymes. The main message of this card is that a decision is called for that may be life changing and it’s not a decision to take lightly.

Upright, traditionally, a young male human stands between 2 female humans and must make a decision – he must choose 1. Hovering above this tense little love triangle is usually pictured either cupid with his bow and arrow poised and ready to shoot one or the other if our waffling man can’t decide or an angel with wings spread above them under a brilliant yellow sun, blessing a union – but between who? The poor man can’t choose- or doesn’t want to! The 2 female figures on the card are said to represent the eternal whore/madonna dilemma and moral and ethical choices. In the distance behind one of the women a snake in an apple tree watches. Let’s see how these humans handle their all mighty ‘Free Will?’.

The Morgan-Greer image has a quiet beauty. In this deck a nude couple embrace in a lush green, leafy garden of sexually suggestive calla lilies, just the two of them. There is no 3rd party, and the Lovers on this card look deep into each others’ eyes. There is no angel, there is no batty little Cupid flying around, only these Lovers. This card is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, the Twins. These people both feel as if they have found their ‘twin’. A very Karmic relationship. It doesn’t have to be romantic love, but that’s generally what this card is talking about. They have chosen each other. Good, that other card was stressing me out. Are they sure? They seem to be. It’s entirely up to them.

Reversed:  A separation or divorce, or other people causing trouble or interfering in a relationship in order to keep lovers or friends apart.  Fear of intimacy is keeping these Lovers from opening up and trusting each other. This relationship wants to happen but it can’t – or it was never meant to be anything more. This may be an ‘open’ relationship gone wrong: it got complicated.





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