13 May 18: Eight of Swords/Air

Onward. I squealed a bit when I drew this card this morning…someone got the message, is what I heard, and when I went to log on, I had no internet.

Don’t know what happened but it was a lovely Sunday, and I love the way the cards speak so clearly and so obviously and so simply sometimes.

This card reversed also does talk about ‘backing up’ computer files, etc., and I sort of focused on other aspects yesterday, but there you go, that’s what happens. I tweaked something on ICLOUD and started up this morning and everything but the Declaration of Independence was on my desktop sending me into a state of being completely overwhelmed.

Breathing deeply and calmly, I worked through to the ‘make this shit go away’ box, ticked it, and it was gone.

Heavy exhale. Cloudy McCloud of the Air just lifted all those icons right on up and out of my face. Clean, peaceful, leaf-green screen. Aaaaah.



Time offline to delete, delete, delete and ‘dump’ and not look back.



#baggage comes in many forms.








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