15 May 18: Justice

Karma. Basically, and on many levels. This card of Air (Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) could bring some swift payback under today’s Uranus transition – the planet of ‘surprise’ is making a shift and doesn’t really get along with May’s earthly Taurus energy.  Uranus is the anarchist of the sky.

Heard: this ‘verdict’ is a shock.

Number 8 or 11 in the Major Arcana (somewhere along the line the numbers change for vague reasons, the way many ancient texts seem to ‘edit themselves’ over time, depending on who is translating) shows a woman in the same relaxed, seated position as The Empress. She holds the upright Sword of Truth in her right hand and the scales in her left (Morgan-Greer). The thing I always notice about this card is that the scales in her left hand are not balanced, not even, whereas in other decks they are. I’m not sure how important that is, she will either balance the scales or has already balanced the scales, but balanced they will be. Gracious in her lush red robes she is passionate about Truth and Justice. Unlike the statue we see in front of courtrooms she is not blindfolded – justice is not blind.

Karmic justice, anyway.

This is things being put right in an actual legal situation in which case it’s working out in your favor if you’ve been fair. 

Lawyers, contracts, negotiations – all of that sort of thing.  Law & Order, even a run in with an Officer of the Law. Don’t lie.

..but something is keeping that scale from balancing with the other. Justice calmly looks us straight in the eye, patiently waiting.

Revolutionary Uranus, associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius, also of the suit of Swords or Air, will have something to say about this now that he’s in town so I expect those scales will be balanced perfectly the next time I look at this card, and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Uranus is associated with scientific breakthroughs, inventions, and cutting-edge technologies.

Things could get even more interesting than they are.

Here’s something: this planetary configuration is associated with Thomas Edison somehow, so I’ll be jumping down that rabbit hole later, I’m sure. Famously the lifetime nemesis of Serbian genius and free-energy advocate Nikola Tesla, their battle over AC vs. DC power back in the day is legendary.

Anyone familiar with solar power knows the most efficient delivery method is the shortest route possible between the source and the whatever is being powered (rooftop).

Solar power, directly delivered.

Scales balanced, thank you both.




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