16 May 18: Six of Coins/Earth

We’re even. The scales that the generous man on this card is holding in his left hand as he dispenses coins with his right are perfectly balanced, Justice having done her job weighing, measuring and leveling. When we last saw Justice yesterday, she was taking her sweet time pondering and deciding and processing evidence, her own scales not quite level, she has not yet made her decision.

The man on the Six of Coins card is a fair and generous man (the ‘have’) and looks almost like he’s ‘rationing’ out spare change to a pair of beggars kneeling before him (Rider-Waite; the ‘have nots’). The man is noble and dignified and does not look down upon these unfortunate people with disdain, but rather with an expression of wisdom. Coins are down-to-earth energy, Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn. Solid, earthly things you can touch, like money and property.

This man is responsible for an even distribution of money or wealth somehow. This gentleman could be a trustee or third neutral party appointed by the court to distribute money from a divorce settlement or even child support, carefully weighing and equally dividing property among the divorcing couple or the children.

This could even be giving someone a job or being offered one yourself, or some sort of grant or donation. This could mean investing in a team or partners you believe in, or someone investing in you and a partner. For Earth signs, this is a great month to ‘shake things up’ under revolutionary Uranus and maybe take a risk on an investment – and that’s not a sentence I would typically write about an Earth sign.

The 6 is a karmic number, as we’ve seen lately. There’s a lot of that going around, so you can be sure that even if you don’t see the situation, resolution, decision or judgement as ‘fair’, it is.

Humbly take what has been decided is justly yours with grace and gratitude, or give in the same spirit.








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