19 May 18: Page of Cups, reversed

Fantasy vs. Reality. Upright, this sensitive young Page of the emotional suit of Water (Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer) is a dreamer, and brings news of happy events and messages of love and affection. The image on the card itself is one straight out of a dream. In the archives regarding the Page of Cups I tagged an old movie, “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” I loved when I was a kid. Don Knotts plays a bespectacled nerdy young man who can’t get into the Army because he’s scrawny or whatever, and sitting on a pier he looks down into the ocean and ‘wishes he were a fish’ (as an angelic chorus sings ‘be careful, be careful, be caaaarefuuul!”). He falls into the ocean and morphs into a joyous, free, bespectacled fish, and goes on to be the hero of the US submarine fleet. It was the first film to combine animation and live-people footage, which is also a perfect illustration for this card reversed.

This Page is madly creative and imaginative. He or she is openly emotional and affectionate.  Gender-fluid, this tender young daydreaming soul gazes down into his cup and sees a little fish rising up to communicate something to him. He’s leaning in, listening intently  to whatever the fish (his own subconscious) may be trying to tell him. He can feel it…telepathy.

Reversed, we’re in a bit of a zone between fantasy and reality, and need to check ourselves or someone else and get grounded.

This could also mean a teenager or young person repressing or ‘closeting’ concerns or confusions regarding sexuality or identity.

This could be a negative pregnancy test, and all new or alternative treatments should be explored if you’re trying for a little Page yourself.

Dreams are confusing and messages are mixed.

And as always with the more emotionally – fluid water signs, escapism through drugs and alcohol is especially destructive. This could mean an addiction that has taken over to the point where interest in ‘real life’, or as we veteran ‘Burners call it, the ‘Default World’  is nonexistent and dreams turn to nightmares. If you’re an adult, you’re emotionally immature and find dealing with the Default World to be a painful experience, overall.

With no idea ‘which end is up’, this poor soul could be wrapped up in a delusion or fantasy that’s never going to happen.

A firm, gentle hand is needed here, parents, the  young dreamers must be cherished, nourished and protected. You were chosen to do just that.



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