20 May 18: Four of Cups & Eight of Cups

Seeking fulfillment elsewhere. First let me say I feel for you water signs, Sun, Moon, or Rising (both of these cards are of the emotional suit of Cups) as you’re feeling this current transit the most, from what I’m seeing in my private readings. As a matter of fact, this last week I think they’ve all been for water signs. It’s a flood.

The 4 is the number of stability, which is more important to some of us than others – what some value as ‘stability’ others may consider a ‘rut’ as this apathetic, bored individual on this card obviously does. Typically he’s portrayed sitting cross-legged under a tree, arms folded across his chest. Impress me, he seems to be saying to the Sky Hand reaching down from the clouds to offer him a (yet another) gold cup. He rolls his eyes and glances down at the 3 untouched gold cups on the ground before him. He has these already and they’re all basically the same. I’m bored, he says. Just set it down with the others. In the cards, and not just Tarot, Cups correspond with Hearts and Hearts = People, so these cups could symbolize unfulfilling relationships in this person’s life as well. On the Morgan-Greer card, our dissatisfied human is actually growing over with ivy, he’s been in that rut for so long. If he waits much longer, he won’t be able to pull himself out of it.

But good news! And so powerful to see these 2 as a pair. On the equally emotionally unfulfilled 8 we see a Seeker, a hooded, caped figure, staff in hand, wandering off at moonrise along a desolate, rocky shore, leaving behind 8 gold cups. 8 is an even number but oddly, the cups are stacked strangely and unevenly as if everything he put his heart into didn’t ‘add up’ exactly the way he or she had planned. Why am I not happy?

The thing I notice about this pair first is: in any suit, the maximum is 10. There are 12 cups here, more than enough, yet they’re not ‘quenching’ the ’emotional thirst’.

I’ve often worried about this character of the 4 of Cups with the ivy growing over him. In the distance there is a clear expanse of green field and cypress trees. He’s so stuck and stagnant he’s becoming the very fertilizer of his own deterioration. His once full cups, ignored and sitting on the ground before him, are empty, having evaporated.

On the 8, the traveller’s red (passion) cloak whips in the wind behind him as he makes his way along a rocky shore out to open water under a newer moon…in a month he will be in a very different place from where he can look back, but –

-he’s definitely not going back…not to that paralyzing emotional state, anyway.

Or: someone has decided to walk away from alcohol altogether, finally – or ‘shallow’ ‘dried out’ or  ‘non-essential’ personal ‘personnel’.

In any case, by the full moon, you’ll have a different perspective.

Do you want to feel like this forever?

Heard : “He had it all, but he just wasn’t happy.”



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