22 May 18: The Star & King of Cups & 6 of Wands, all reversed

Burnout. This is all about someone unfit to lead, basically. A sad layout for sure, but I can’t feel bad for this reversed King of Cups/Water (Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer) because in this position he can be a sorry son of a bitch, manipulative and controlling of everything and everyone else but his own emotional state. Upright he’s a respected, mature, caring father figure –  he embraces all kinds of people,  his wisdom and advice trusted and respected. Or at least it was..but not anymore. This one can have all kinds of issues: drugs, alcohol, sexuality. Toxic as hell. This is one miserable, mixed-up bastard..or bitch. Whoever it is is too old to be this screwed up.. they don’t seem to know or care that they are, that’s the challenge here.

Inspiration is gone (the Star reversed) as we can see from the Star. Upright the card of hope, protection, inspiration and guidance here is reversed. I do get a ‘shooting star’ vibe from this – it’s an amazing thing to see a falling star flame out, quite poignant. There is a poetry to it. But this isn’t a pretty sparkling falling star, this is a sad, slow loss of hope, inspiration, emotional balance, confidence and health.  Burned out, in the cold light of day, it’s just a another rock.

The Six of Wands upright is a card of victory. A rider on horseback leads a team behind him bearing 6 tall staves held proudly upright. The lead rider wears a laurel wreath on his head, and another is attached to the top of his own staff like a victory flag celebrating a great achievement, and we assume there is an audience for this parade.  Reversed, he is simply no longer capable of leading anyone anywhere, whether he knows it or not. He may not even want to.

Basically he shouldn’t be at the center of this layout or at the center of anything. This is someone who should have retired, because they’re just not going to get ‘any better’.

Or younger.

This is a mid-life crisis spread if there ever was one, or if it isn’t, someone’s ‘burned out’ or their ‘star has fallen’ and they’re just not in touch with the reality of it.

These cards are good cards upright, which means the energies want to be there, but are waning, or more likely dissipated by the instability of the collapsing King.

If this picture were to be turned right side up, he could lift his glass, ride out into the sunset to the sea with dignity, be remembered for the ‘star’ he once was, and embrace the next cycle of his life.

Take up surfing or something.

I used to watch all the old ladies swim at sunrise in Hawaii and think,

“Isn’t it breakfast time for sharks?”












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