24 May 18: Queen of Coins reversed & Two of Swords reversed

Dear Johnette,

Please get off your ass and bust a move immediately. There’s no time this morning.

You know we love you,

Your Cards


Basically that’s what happened this morning. I was endlessly driving – or more accurately, not driving, but stuck in various traffic’s all day out of town and out of range yesterday, the day a long-awaited piece of business mail finally arrived, of course, the first day in months I’m out of town…

Rather than settle in for a nice morning read I felt the slap of the reversed Queen (Virgo/Capricorn/Taurus) and had no choice but to take it personally. I shut down and did trek to the Post Office to be there the minute it opened. All is signed and sent back overnight to get a jump on the 3 day weekend.

Done and dusted.

We can now turn her upright again.


Thank you for the message.


I listen, I listen.





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