25 May 18: The World

Fulfillment. Hopefully, more than every once in awhile we enjoy the feeling that everything’s perfect in our lives –  at least as ‘perfect’ as it can get here on Earth. Everything feels right: you love your life, what you’ve done, where you are, how far you’ve come, who you’re with, where you’re going, your world. Commit that moment to cellular memory and make that feeling the goal. You may be surprised at how little it really takes to achieve it.

On this 21st card, the very last of the Major Arcana, we are at the end of the journey,  completing the entire cycle before returning to the very beginning, The Fool, Numero Zero.

It is a majestic and beautiful card. Against open blue sky, in the center of an egg-shaped wreath of green leaves (the Cosmic Egg an ancient symbol of wholeness and of course, the endless birth/death cycle. We still don’t know which came first.) a nude female figure dances, although she is draped below the waist and is widely believed to be a hermaphrodite symbolizing the perfect balance of male and female (Rider-Waite, Morgan-Greer) although also generally identified as the Great Goddess. That she is dancing suggests the dance of the Hindu God Shiva, the Creator/Destroyer. The dancer holds a wand in each hand, suggesting the ‘creation of his/her world’. The universe must always be in motion, as is subatomic matter. Think of sacred dance that had been outlawed, i.e., the Native American Ghost Dance. Holy stuff. Dance is physically moving space. Feng Shui.

On Yuri Shakov’s Russian card, as usual, there is only a planet floating in black space, surrounded by stars and potentially, other worlds. There is no celebratory wreath of success, only the completion of a cycle. The world has once again successfully turned. The dancer is not a delicate figure but a very human, well-muscled, similarly draped nude female  wearing a Kichka, a beautifully embroidered peasant’s hat worn at celebrations.

Dali’s card, ‘El Mundo’, confirms my interpretation of the strange, ghostly, semi-transparent ever-present formless faces that appear throughout his angst-ridden deck. In a blood red-room 3 figures are chained, resembling the prisoners of the Devil card, and a frightening, scowling face with huge bleeding eyes watches them at night through a window. The world was something that had to be dealt with whether he liked it or not, did he feel imprisoned by it? How could he not, the one he created was so much more interesting. Dali didn’t stand by and watch the world, he dove right in and became it.

Saturn rules this card, and Saturn don’t play. Kronos to the Greeks, Geb to the Egyptians, Saturn is the Lord of Time, and here on Earth we measure it, mark it, need it, waste it, give it, take it, turn it back, turn it forward.

This card is the ending of a major cycle in life which obviously and naturally will usher in a new one.

This card is an ‘international card’ and could mean travel or having completed or beginning a new job, assignment or relationship with someone at a distance or foreign.

It’s a good card on a good day, the world has turned.



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