27 May 18: The Lovers,reversed/The Fool/Ace of Coins

Don’t rush into anything. Uh-oh. Someone may be about to make a bad decision in regard to a romantic relationship, partnership or friendship.

On the Karmic #6 of the Major Arcana, The Lovers, the olde decks show a man standing in the middle of two women as Cupid hovers overhead, arrow cocked in his bow, ready to  shoot and choose one of them if the hesitating, wavering man doesn’t make the choice himself. On the Morgan-Greer card, a nude couple embrace in a garden of calla lilies, gazing into each other eyes.

Center stage we have the innocent, trusting, nothing to lose Fool, ready to get out there into the big world and explore all its offerings. Carrying a white rose, he is open and receptive, a pure soul. He is the Seeker, life is an adventure. Rules? What rules.

Ace of Coins (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) is very much of the solid, reliable, material world, and means money, wealth, gold, valuables, and earthly riches in general. This could be that the opportunity to be involved in a new endeavor that has the potential to be something very successful in the ‘real world’ is being offered to the Fool, but his back is turned as if he doesn’t want or need it, or is too enamoured with The Lovers to pay attention to anything else.

I’m not surprised to see the Fool with his back to the coin. Associated with the wild, unpredictable and unconventional planet Uranus, money to him is more about what it can actually do rather than being its own reward. As a matter of fact, that one coin may be all he has in his little hobo sack he carries tied to the stick he’s holding over his shoulder – he should be careful with it. His ever-loyal service dog is always at his side as he skips merrily along through life. Today it’s the little dog that catches my eye, who seems to be trying to get the Fool’s attention.

There is much debate about the Fool’s dog. Is he looking out for his foolish master, and is he barking a warning of trouble ahead as the Fool, rose in hand, strides purposefully in the direction of the reversed Lovers? Is he just happy for his master?

The Fool could be bearing an engagement ring, and making a ‘relationship right’. He’s got the rose and the ring, and he’s ready to do the thing. He shouldn’t rush it, although it’s hard to tell him anything when he’s like this, and everyone may be a bit shocked. It may be a complete surprise, even to him.

This could also mean he’s turning his back on a real thing. The huge, shiny Ace of Coins being offered out of the sky could literally be a ‘windfall’ of cash. It’s as if the Skyhand is lowering the coin into his garden, which I assume is his, but today his back is to it. He’s  ventured out to follow the path through the leafy arch down the mountain and out into the wide world. It’s a beautiful garden, red roses in bloom, lilies in bloom. I’m going to assume the rose he’s carrying with him is from this garden. Maybe this garden is established and mature, and he’s off to find a place to plant a new garden with his white rose. Starting over.

So the Fool could finally be making a choice and a proposal.

However, he is anything but conventional, and if there’s a rule or regulation, chances are he’ll break it, bend it, or ignore it altogether – including relationship ‘rules’. This Fool could even be paying to watch other people’s private moments or spending his money on relationships that are based solely on sex. To each his own, but that could get expensive.

He should be investing that coin into something more long-term, but what the hell, he’s a Fool!

He could be traveling to invest or to lend money to a couple or partnership in ‘over their heads’ or a new ‘startup’ which would not be a good idea right now. That receptive white rose he’s carrying may as well be a sign that says ‘I’ll believe anything you say, how much do you need?’

He’ll never see that money again, but – he may not really care.





2 thoughts on “27 May 18: The Lovers,reversed/The Fool/Ace of Coins

  1. Hi Johnette,
    How are ya t’day?
    Good here, millions of things to say to ya one day…some of it very mundane I think you’ll like it.
    I look forward to your daily coffee and a card, I think and feel someone else does too, who’s on the other side, will tell ya about her someday.
    Thanks so much as I’m familiar with your voice can hear ya speaking while reading your words Crib Girl.
    Happy day to you always Johnette !
    Time to hone some archery skills with my kid, it’s the natural order he’s a Sagittarius too!

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