7 July 18: Four of Pentacles/Coins/Earth

Conserve. This deceptively simple card of the humble, reliable and solid suit of Earth (Virgo,Capricorn, Taurus) talks about money  and our relationship to money. How much  we have, how much we want, how much we need to feel secure.

The image is that of a human carefully balancing and trying to hold on to 4 large gold Pentacles. The traditional image has one under each foot and the Morgan-Greer deck shows us a huge coin carefully balanced on the human’s head as he hoards 3 in his lap. Even if this person were handed another coin, where would he put it? He seems to have enough, or certainly all he can handle right now.

There is an interesting read of this card in the archives, but let’s see what mood this stable #4 is in today…

This person has been accused of miserly behavior. His or her values are questionable to others at times, and money may have or have had too important of a place in his/her life. Maybe they grew up poor, and are all too aware of the possibility of ‘losing it all’ at any time. Anyone old enough to have had Depression-era parents or grandparents may know the man on this card pretty well. This is the old guy that wears the same greasy overalls every day that has $45,000 in change stashed in old coffee cans in his garage.

Uranus, the planet of ‘surprise’, is in the earthly sign of Taurus, and the Bull does not like surprises. The overall energy is far from stable, and it may be wise to adapt some of this  old man’s ways in this cosmic weather:

conserve, conserve, conserve.



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