20 July 18: The High Priestess & The Queen of Cups

I hear a voice. Not one but two very psychic, intuitive characters – one on this plane and one, well, not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

This is the emotional, compassionate Queen of Cups at her best. Of the emotional suit of water (Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer) she is gentle and understanding. Poetry in motion, she is a ‘safe harbor’ to others and holds her gold cup up in front of her as if to catch your tears should you need a shoulder to cry on – or her own, as she can be moved to tears easily. She is blonde and wears an unusual crown of seashells and pearls and pulls it off with style. She’s artistic, quirky, and writes down her dreams and premonitions.

The High Priestess of the Major Arcana is seated on her throne with a crescent moon as her footstool and another as her crown and holds a mysterious scroll in her lap. What secrets, what knowledge does she hold? Like her Greek alter ego the Goddess Persephone who was abducted and stolen off down to the Underworld by a horny Devil, she is able to regularly move between two worlds and does with ease. It’s seasonal, she summers down there and winters up here – or the other way around – in accordance with some kind of arrangement with Persephone’s mom, the Goddess Demeter, who didn’t approve of the relationship at all. Oh hell no.

So The High Priestess knows something – everything –  we don’t. She is the inner voice, the subconscious. She wants you to seek the truth. 

Well what can I say. For some reason for the last day or so I’ve had documentaries running nonstop on YOUTUBE as I putter around and I’m really stuck on the Princess Diana ‘accident’ so I think the ‘room is tuned’ as it were.

Princess Diana was a Cancer herself, and the Queen of Cups of the Morgan-Greer deck actually looks like her.

Famously predicting her own death, down to the how and who, it’s way beyond conspiracy.

Her birthday month is this month and next month is the anniversary of her death and  these cards together aren’t subtle. She knew the Queen’s secrets and had to go, ‘done and dusted’.



I wouldn’t fuck with that old lady, she’d have me dead by teatime.




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