23 July 18: Eight of Coins, reversed

Get back to work.

The earthly, practical suit of Coins/Pentacles is only interested in practical matters, and in this case we’re taking about our work, craft, or education.

This card shows us a human at a workbench, head down, intensely working on carving gold discs (Morgan-Greer). There is a whole wall of completed discs behind him, so he’s obviously been working long and hard to knock these things out – but this card is  not so much about ‘knocking things out’ as it is about perfecting a skill – staying at it until you’re the best, making each disc finer than the one before. This card can mean an apprenticeship or possibly working for less money than you’d like, but you’re learning so much on the job from the people you’re working for or with that it’s well worth it. The power of the number 8 gives us strength and drive. We have a goal and we’re going for it.

There may be a deadline here and our dedicated worker may be pulling another overnighter to get ‘er done. Wow, you finished all those already? He doesn’t hear you, his head is down and he’s working away.

Reversed, the work is suffering. Now we’re almost back to the 7, the card of re-assessment, the ‘is it all worth it?’ card. With the 8, it most certainly is worth it, but something is blocking us. Could be day to day mundane, petty annoyances or even people keeping us from what we’re trying to achieve.

The devil is in the details, and we may be working inefficiently. Too slow, too fast, too many hours or not enough so that the quality of our work is slipping. The 8 wants a strong, even flow – steady and consistent – and that’s not happening here.  The thrill is gone. The care, the commitment. The discipline, the drive.  Somebody’s dropping the ball, apparently.

This could be someone at a computer desk putting in overly long hours to the point of burnout only to fall asleep on the keyboard and delete it all anyway. The suit of Earth (Virgo/Capricorn/Taurus) is all about the physical body which needs to be regulated and well maintained to be productive.

Our friend has lost his passion for his occupation. He thought he’d love it, or used to love it, but is now finding out it’s a lot more work than he thought it would be. He’s tired.

This could even be someone working for you in some sort of capacity, maybe a carpenter or someone doing some construction on your house and they’re doing an inferior job and/or taking way too long.

Back to the 7 – stand back and re-assess.




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