24 July 18: Eight of Cups

The well’s gone dry. This sad card of disillusionment is associated with Saturn, the heavy, serious planet of restrictions or limitations and the flowy, dreamy water sign of Pisces who is all about emotions as are the other water signs Cancer & Scorpio, all   represented by the suit of Cups or Hearts in a regular deck.

This is an emotionally unfulfilling or limiting situation. I feel for this guy, he had some big dreams but for some reason it’s just not happening here for him. Looks like he picked the wrong location, or has simply outgrown it.

We are shown a human walking along a rough shore under a waning moon. It is a mysterious picture, only a hood and long red cloak blowing behind him or her as they  make their way along the rough terrain of a rocky shore following what looks like a beautiful blue river that eventually opens up into the ocean.

He leaves behind 8 gold cups, stacked unevenly on a dry, brown strip of land. 8 is an even number, he had it all figured out, yet they’re odd and empty. It’s not right. Even if he manages to complete his matching set of gorgeous gold goblets they will never stack up evenly. He can see that now, and even if they did stack up evenly, and even if he did find 2 more gold cups , there’s nothing to fill them with where he’s at.

The cups sit on what today to me looks like a receding shoreline. A thin, blue-green bit of water we can barely see in the lower right corner of the card (Morgan-Greer) ripples slightly and we see a dry, brown beach.

Empty cups are as useless as loveless hearts, and our scarlet-caped hero is taking his or her passions elsewhere – what little he has left.

This may have been at one time a drive, a dream, but now the well is dry and there is no more love – for something he once loved very much.  Maybe he’s retiring somewhere else, or even running off with someone and leaving a whole lot behind that doesn’t seem so important anymore. Who needs 10 empty cups in the end?  Maybe he’s been made a job offer that won’t restrict him and that will be emotionally and spiritually more satisfying, where he can reach his full potential…’water’ him enough for him to really ‘bloom’.

A new path altogether, a renaissance or rebirth in retirement.

Disappointment. It all meant so much, and seemed so important at the time – for possibly a very long time.

Gotta ramble, babe, I’m meant for bigger things. 

..or they’re just telling me to head back up to the lake for a nice cool hike, it’s hot as f***.  The cups sitting on the beach on this card remind me of the boat slips sitting on the dry ground off the marina, the water is so low.


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