8 September 18: King of Cups & 2 of Cups, reversed

Emotionally unavailable. To say the least. This King of the watery suit of Cups (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio) is the most compassionate, loving King in the deck. Generous and kind, he truly has affection for his people. This is a man of deep feeling, but he is a grown-ass King, and has control over his emotions – his heart does not rule his head. Cups correspond with the hearts of a standard poker deck, and with our own hearts, as they represent our emotions.

The beautiful, romantic 2 of Cups is of the same suit of the heart, a card of love – the feeling is mutual. 2 is a partnership or commitment, and we see 2 lovers offering their cups to one another as they look into each other’s  eyes. It’s beautiful, this balance of energies. Their faces are solemn. They are being married, or making some sort of commitment…

Insert record-player-needle-scratch sound effect here.

Don’t do it. The King is out of control. We don’t know why, but it’s serious. He’s let his emotions get the best of him and is, well, out of his mind. He may even have very serious drug, alcohol or emotional problems when it comes to relationships.  Because of this he (or she) can be very manipulative – they know how to push your buttons. This would be a marriage made in hell for one or both of them, they’re in no way ready.

Which is a shame. Both of these people need to learn to communicate on another level. I can see both getting emotional, then he/she gets mean, then he/she starts crying, then back to square one, but I’d have to say it’s the water sign that needs help here (or someone with a lot of water in their chart). We see on the card the choppy ocean behind him, and he usually manages to ‘keep his waters calm’ but at present he’s ‘drowning in his own tears’. Maybe one or both of them have to sober up.

It’s a hot mess.



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