9 September 18: Seven of Clubs

Maintaining your position. On this card of the suit of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) we see a human standing in front of 6 staves planted in the ground, and he is holding the 7th as if it’s a spear he’s ready to throw. It’s a defensive card, but not in a bad way. They’re coming for/at him and his.

This human deserves his place, he has earned it, and now everybody and their mother wants a piece…and they sure as hell want his job.

7 is not a stable number. We’ve talked about this number of faith, and  this makes me  think of turbulence in a plane: this would be like a pilot (and passengers) having the faith in his skills to get through it and ‘maintain his position’ at 8000 feet which, hopefully, he does. He does not take for granted the plane is going to stay in the air. Yes the plane must and will come down, but he has faith that he will retain control and land the plane where and when he wants to. He is a good pilot, years of flying time. Very experienced.

7 is such a mysterious and complicated number. If every cell in the human body completely regenerates every 7 years, that means we’re entirely different people every 7 years.

If you have something worth fighting for, stand up for it. Is a cycle closing, and something doesn’t seem so worth putting yourself out for anymore? Is a new cycle beginning and it’s time to put yourself or your work out there?

Either way, somebody’s always ready to take your place, so defend your position if you want to keep it.

Prove you still deserve it.






One thought on “9 September 18: Seven of Clubs

  1. Damn skippy hold onto what’s of good let the rest go so as not weigh ya down, throw ya off course become distracted….wrapped up in the unimportant…important stuff to get done, Winter is coming. and living here no telling what wildness or mildness we may have…
    Happy day to you Johnette much Love !

    Sidebar notation: it’s so much easier typing here than on a manual the font is worth the typo’s


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