11 September 18: Eight of Coins

Master class. A card for the season. This hardworking, dedicated 8 is of the suit of Earth (Virgo/Capricorn/Taurus) and we are indeed currently under the influence of the sometimes nitpicky, perfection-obsessed Virgo sun. The card is clay-colored (Morgan-Greer deck) and we see a human with his head down, intensely focused on hammering and chiseling and carving on a pizza-sized gold disc before him on a workbench. The sleeves of his blue work shirt are rolled up, and he wears a leather apron. The wall behind him is covered in the gold discs he’s already completed, but he’s not yet satisfied. He’s good but needs and wants to learn more, he wants to be the best.

This is truly a back to school card. This is just buckling down and getting as good as you can get at whatever it is you do or want to do by putting in the study and practice. Investing in, developing and perfecting a skill or talent will bring it to a whole new level and will be very profitable in the long run: we need money on earth, it’s a material world.

Head down, he could be well into online lessons…

8 = infinity, continued success.

Get to it.


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