13 September 18: Nine of Cups

Be careful what you wish for. The human on this card, again of the liquid, emotional suit of Cups (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) and all about feelings is the very picture of satisfaction. Traditionally he is an innkeeper or host, smiling broadly and dressed in jolly red to match his ruddy, flushed cheeks. Good times! Lined up on a banquet table behind him are 9 gold goblets most likely filled with wine waiting for guests – he wants to share his good fortune. This is a card of emotional contentment, satisfaction, and desires fulfilled. This has long been referred to as ‘The Wish Card’, and in a reading, would announce that a wish is coming true or has come true for our human.

He has everything he wished for. Whether it leads to the 10 – the ‘happily ever after’ card, which usually involves someone to share it with – remains to be seen.

A very interesting read of this card from the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg is back in the archives – a peasant, whose ‘wishes’ may be simpler, yet emotional and material needs the same, reaches around the 9 ornate gold goblets set before him and instead chooses a single shot of vodka, and is content. On our side of the table is a single shot glass for us. A single drink with a single good friend or mate and he is fulfilled.

Wish responsibly.





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