17 September 18: Ace of Coins

A golden opportunity. Out of the blue, it seems, we are given a gift. The suit of coins or pentacles in the tarot correspond with diamonds in your poker deck and represent the tangible, material things of the world (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). The Ace being the ‘seed’ of the suit, we are being presented and entrusted with the gift of a large, gold coin by a mysterious hand extending from the clouds, aka the legendary Skyhand of the tarot who awards the Aces as new opportunities for growth, in this case financial and material. This ‘startup’ is a good investment, and the time is now. Perhaps you came into some money from an inheritance or an unexpected win of some kind. With this card  you have a good chance of doubling, tripling and multiplying that investment into some long-term security – but not at the racetrack.

This could be a very desirable and profitable new job or assignment, or even the gift of a gold ring ‘making it real’. The suit of Earth talks about rent, gas, food, and what we need to live a comfortable earthly existence day to day. This could even be a piece of property or real estate someone’s put you in charge of to develop (eco-consciously, of course) or you’ve inherited.  This is also investing in the long-term health of your body: starting a new diet and exercise plan is suggested by this card and the chances are very good you’ll actually stick to it and see fantastic results.

Earth signs may be very fertile right now so be aware the conditions are perfect for conceiving another little Ace, a long-term investment if there ever was one.


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