3 October 18: Six of Cups

Past vs. Present. This card of nostalgia is a slippery slope. We’re dealing with the Cups, the Emo Suit, which is all about our emotional being or state (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio).

Two children stand on what looks like a terrace planted with 6 gold cups from which beautiful white (representing purity and innocence) flowers bloom. They face each other, and child #1, the little boy on the card, hands one of the blooming cups to child #2, the little girl. All yellow and gold (Morgan-Greer deck), it’s a shiny, happy card of a childhood memory or happy memories in general.

Remember when we planted these? He says to her as he hands her the flower.

Reunions are possible with this card. The six is sometimes called ‘the perfect number’. It is the number of Karma (we are under a Libra sun, the sign of the scales) and bringing things into balance – like the past and the present.

This is the fine line between fondly remembering the past or a person in your past and pining for them or it to the point of not moving on. We are, after all, the sum total of our past, for better or worse.

Or, the past is a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

I remember things very differently, he/she said. 

This is also about meeting someone who may make you ‘feel like a kid again’ in which case, be one. Be innocent and amazed and open and in wonder..this could even be a past life reunion.

Karma don’t have no calendar.


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