4 October 18: Two of Coins

Easy come, easy go. This is a card about keeping one’s balance through changes I like to call the ‘make it work’ card. A serious-looking human stands facing us with his back to a choppy sea (Morgan-Greer deck), a ship far in the distance headed his way. Meanwhile, he’s intently and carefully juggling 2 large gold discs with a red band like a fan belt or bicycle chain twisted between them forming a figure 8 (infinity) holding them together. This is money coming in only to go out again, wheeling and dealing, and the shifting and changing of earthly priorities. Where there was once only the Ace, this Earth sign (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) has managed it well and now has 2, not much to work with, but something. All he has to do is keep those things moving back and forth, back and forth – until that ship we see in the distance finally comes in, which may not be for awhile if it doesn’t pass him by altogether, so fixated is he on his ‘little problems’ he doesn’t have time to contemplate the big picture.

This can be tedious, monotonous work for little pay.

Often called a juggler, he’s managing to ‘keep his balls in the air’ as they say, but there’s no one to hand them off to even if he wanted to take a nap or run for a taco. For now at least he’s on his own and self-employed. Probably creative, he could be an artist or an actor who may have money one day but is broke the next.

Maybe he actually is a juggler or street performer or actor doing his thing for whatever he can get. He doesn’t need much, just a bed and a meal.

Juggling commitments, jobs, checking accounts or even people – this card often comes up when someone is dating two people at a time.

Hang in there! I shouted to him. Like one of the Queen’s Palace guards, his expression didn’t change. Back and forth, back and forth.

So how does he manage? Barely, but there he still is, looking off into space almost lost in meditation, his entire being dedicated to the task of ‘making it work’ and keeping his head above that choppy water.

We don’t see his bottom half but I imagine him on a tightrope, juggling these things as he feels his way across the wire. Even he can’t believe he’s doing this. I’m actually making this work, he says, careful not to let himself get too confident too soon.


Just don’t look down.


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