5 October 18: Seven of Clubs & Eight of Swords

Staying out of jail. The Eight of Swords ( Air =Libra/Gemini/Aquarius) is ‘the jail card’ but more often than not, it’s more about self-imprisonment and self-limitation, the ‘prison’ of one’s own mind. A human stands in the wind, blindfolded and loosely tied up with ropes. She stands in the center of a circle of 8 swords stuck into the ground forming ‘jail bars’ (Morgan-Greer deck). The ropes are loose – or are they tightening? The ‘bars’ of Swords are far enough apart for her to sneak through and escape – or are they closing in?

The fiery Seven of Clubs or Wands (Sagittarius/Leo/Aries) shows us a human who stands on higher ground defending himself, holding a long club across his chest protectively, and we see the tops of 6 more clubs below and assume they’re being carried by a crowd.  It’s like when they came for Frankenstein. They could be torches, there’s so much fire in this card. We see at least more than half of the tops of the clubs he faces from those below, so the I hope the high ground he’s standing on is high enough.


Well then! No need to turn on the news today, back to work.


One thought on “5 October 18: Seven of Clubs & Eight of Swords

  1. *pssst! ^ check for a possible typo in the second to last sentence that begins “We see at least–” (please delete this comment. haha “this message will self-destruct…”) 😘 ♡


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