1 November 18: The Magician

Using Your Power For Good. The thing I think I love most about about the Tarot is that both sides of my brain have to work, which were created to work together in the first place, and when they sync up it’s…magic. Who the hell has ever heard of a Psychopomp? The ‘ability to move between two worlds’ or, between the left and right sides of our brains? I love that word. You learn something every day.  As ‘burners say, we wake up in what is referred to as the ‘default world’, our itchy surface to scratch (#BurningMan).

This is the card of the alchemist. A Magician stands at his table in a garden surrounded by a high castle wall – his secrets contained within. He may very well have been summoned by the King, who retains his services exclusively. He holds his wand high, like an antennae, as if to call down the powers of the Universe. He’s #1, literally. The first of the Major Arcana and the entire deck, he stands at a table laid with the talismans representing the four elements and the four suits: a cup (water), a sword(air), a coin(earth), and a staff(fire). Every sign of the Zodiac is represented here and every planet in the solar system including those we don’t know about yet. What an amazing card. Red roses bloom beside him as do white lilies, and he is dressed in a white robe and bright red hooded cape, representing the alchemy and the harmonizing of the masculine and feminine.  The sky is bright yellow above him, radiant and joyful with solar energy, an eternal source he has connected to. The powerful 8-shaped eternity symbol floats above his head, and another forms the clasp holding his cape closed at his throat. He has everything he needs to make ‘magic’. He seems to have some kind of conduit to the unseen and unknown, and we may even doubt if he’s even human, but he’s been doing this for a very long time. He knows exactly what to do with each of those elements, exactly how they affect each other, the exactly the right mix and exactly the right time for mixing.

This is someone in control of themselves, their destiny – and that of others as well.

This is someone who can make things happen. Serious mover and shaker, all he has to do is ‘lift his little finger’ and like magic, his or her will his done. Make it so, says the Magician, and so it is.

This is someone you want on your side: he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Luckily for us, he is upright as in a straight-up dude who uses his powers for the good of all, which would not be the case if he were to have come up reversed.

This is strong stuff, and could manifest in your life as some kind of expert – agent, marketing, computer marketing, communications of any kind. He doesn’t even have to say anything. He’s telepathic, or sure seems to be. This card can also be a professional in the field of psychology, a brain balancer. Tweak those right and left sides back in line.

Mercury, who rules the Magician as well as the signs Gemini and Virgo, is quick, and so is this Magician – he moves his hands so fast as in ‘sleight of hand’ our eyes don’t pick up on how he really did it.

But he can’t hold that wand up forever. He holds that wand up like an orchestra conductor, all eyes on him, and when he brings that wand down, it’ll be pure magic. Out of pure silence, out of nothing.





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