3 November 18: The Chariot

Onward and upward. You’re on your way. Just keep moving, don’t look down, you’ve got this. Enjoy the journey.

This very fortunate card, #7 of the Major Arcana, is ruled by the Moon and the tender and emotional sign of Cancer, the wettest of the water signs in my opinion, the others being Pisces and Scorpio (whose influence we are currently under). The number seven reminds us to have faith – this time in ourselves and our ability to stay in control as we find ourselves (finally?) moving forward, going from 0-60 MPH. Possibly literally. Travel is on someone’s agenda, probably as an occupation or lifestyle. This is a Card of the Road, for sure, only it’s first class all the way.

The Chariot from the Morgan-Greer deck shows us a charioteer driving and controlling the 2 horses that pull his chariot, one black and one white. It’s a pretty sweet ride, high-end gypsy, nice blue curtains. Blue is the color of watery blurry dreams, and this driver has one. Nothing is stopping him. He looks straight ahead as he holds the reins firmly in both hands, and  today I notice he seems to be paying just a little more attention – seems to have a slightly firmer grip – on the dark horse, which is held with his right hand, the ‘logical’ one.  The horses are looking in opposite directions, and if he were to let go of the reins they would take off, derailing him altogether. He must stay in control in order to stay on this fast-moving ride. Focus.

He wears a crown of stars – he is following his own. At his side is a gold staff topped with a crescent moon, and he wears a crescent on each shoulder of his armor. He looks well in control, confident, and full of purpose even though on the inside he may not be. Our Cancerian crab is tough on the outside, all squishy on the inside. Think about crabs. When have you ever seen one come straight at you? They don’t. They skitter from side to side. How much control would that crab have to have and how much effort would it take for him to move himself forward? This much.

This is the card of the ‘overnight success’ that took years. False starts, bad timing, or he simply wasn’t prepared for it. This time, he’s in control.

Or, there’s still time to put a $2 bet on the Breeder’s Cup. There’s a ‘dark horse’ paying 20 to 1.

This is the card of ‘if you don’t succeed, try and try again’ which has always been for me in direct conflict with the ‘definition of insanity’ which is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. I disagree: timing is everything.

Sensitive, socially-minded Cancerian Nikola Tesla was not insane, he was ‘ahead of his time’.  No one could keep him down or stop him from following his ‘star’, though many tried.

Who’s crazy now?







One thought on “3 November 18: The Chariot

  1. THIS card is so beautifully described in relationship to my life currently,–thank you –!!! In the middle of moving, not sure when to do what but knowing I have to go forward by a certain date. My mother was a Cancer…and its taken me months to find this new home but I am still unsure its the right one, but, have made up my mind. Thank you Again, Johnette….


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