7 November 18: Temperance

This may take some time. Trial and error. Just keep at it until you get it right, says this calm, patient card of the Major Arcana, Temperance. The ‘keeping at it’ in and of itself is getting it right, and in this case it’s about moderation, self-restraint, and staying in the middle-of-the-road. Sounds boring, I know.

The Morgan-Greer image is that of a tall, blonde, androgynous angel with a massive wingspan who stands with one bare foot on the grassy bank of a clear blue stream, the other foot in the water. His-hers-its  expression is so serene it seems almost asleep. A soft, golden glow emanates from its head and it wears a long, flowing appropriately angelic gown with a red triangle on its chest, red being the passionate, primal human energies  contained within the ancient symbol that is both female (pyramid) and male (on its point) and the limits of earthly natural law.  This supernatural being has its ‘hands full’, literally,  holding a gold cup in each and endlessly pouring liquid back and forth between them, back and forth, mixing, blending, adjusting, re-mixing.

There is need for self-control. This card is ruled by let’s-go-for-it Sagittarius and inflatable jolly Jupiter, so it’s easy ( and tempo-rarily fun) to overdo. Upright, this is a good card to have on your side.

I saw an old Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist years ago who said to me, “I eat what I like. I drink what I like. But just a little.” This is that.

So extreme self-control becomes punishing self-denial, which doesn’t feel healthy or sustainable. Life is work. Learning moderation, for some people, is a lot of work.

This is a card of the healing and rehabilitation of alcoholic and bi-polar conditions and  addictions in general, whether to drugs, people or your own adrenalin, which is more dangerous than you think. Rarely is that a cut and dried process, but more of a constant and consistent mindfulness and inner awareness. Avoiding extremes, especially emotionally, will lengthen your life. Water is emotion in the Tarot, and this image is of maintaining emotional equilibrium. We see a long, winding path that has led to this calm, clear body of water through what looks like some mountainous regions in the distance. It wasn’t easy to get to this peaceful place.

This card says that maintaining peace – our own inner peace or otherwise -requires constant vigilance, but it looks like someone’s getting the hang of it.

Or, the supernatural being that created the human race is back in the lab making a few alchemical tweaks…

Humans: a work in progress.











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