29 November 18: Queen of Coins, reversed

Re: homework. More home, less work, please. I rarely see this familiar Queen of Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) in the reverse, because she so rarely is. The quintessential Earth Mother, she is pictured seated in a beautifully carved stone throne contemplating a large gold coin in her lap that she holds tenderly, almost as if it were a baby. She is outdoors in a splendid, lush, well-tended garden. Everything about her home is unique and beautiful, and she takes great pride in creating a welcoming and comfortable retreat for family and friends. A rabbit hops on the grass nearby – fertile little thing, and so is she. Generous to a fault, her door is always open, coffee & a healthy snack on the table before you even sit down. She may not have had it easy in life, and maintains an ‘attitude of gratitude’. The only things she really needs to be happy are home, family and friends.  She can make a little of anything go a long way. It seems she has a down to earth, common sense solution for any problem, and she’d give you the shirt off her back. She’s very talented, a real Renaissance woman (or man), and it seems she can do anything, especially with her hands. She’s an artist, a musician,  sews, cooks, and has a green thumb. She has beautiful handwriting and composes poetry and clever letters to friends. She’s a natural businesswoman, and knows how to make and manage money – which she enjoys spreading around and spending on those she loves.

Reversed, well, this isn’t a flattering angle. This is ‘smothering’ rather than ‘mothering’ and you know what that’s like. She’s cared too much about everyone else and not enough for herself to the point of depletion, financially, mentally and physically.  This is the Queen’s sad twin: lazy, wasteful, spendy and weirdly greedy, in a borderline hoarder sort of a way.  She is not at all happy at home, and has nothing left to give to anyone, and very possibly no one left to give it to – her kids couldn’t wait to get the hell away from her. If this were a personal reading for someone specifically, the other cards would tell me exactly why this Queen is in this state, which is, in my opinion, unusual. I would, and have, suggested professional help of some kind. This can be self-neglect for whatever reason. Coins or Pentacles refer to the material and the physical, and it is not like this Queen to let herself ‘go to seed’. Of course, eventually we all do, and she may just be getting on in years.

In 2018, this Queen is the Working Mom. She not only gets the kids off to school, feeds them something healthy, is great at her job and of course, makes sure all the household bills are paid, she or he is the jewel of the household. Kids seem happy and healthy, the dog’s happy and healthy, husband’s happy and healthy.



“Why are you still in your bathrobe? It’s 2:00 p.m.”

“Sorry, honey, I didn’t mean to yell. I just have to get all these reports in before the holidays.”

At the very least, Mom could use a spa day.




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