30 November 18: King & Queen of Wands, Ace of Cups

Legendary love.  I’m really, really happy for this charismatic, exciting pair – they’re not exactly young, either of them, although the Queen may be a bit younger. They belong together, this fiery couple who could be both of the same suit: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo. They compliment each other, these two. We met the Queen of Wands when she was center stage – as she often is – earlier in the week, and the King is mature in body but might not have been ready to give up being the high-rolling stud of his randy, rather indiscriminating Knighthood . This Queen has done very well for herself, but you tend to either love her or hate her.  She can sometimes get carried away and be a little feisty and controlling. She is passionately compassionate only because she has been through so much herself. She is a natural, brilliant teacher,  and every student’s favorite. She very well could have been a teacher when the King first spotted her, her rapt audience hanging on to her every word. A born leader. The Wands are very intuitive and immediately recognize themselves in the other, but these two must maintain the dignity befitting their respective positions. The King, in the center, stands at attention although he obviously only has eyes for this unflinching Queen who, on the left, stares straight ahead. This is serious business, and we’re not peasants.

To the right of the determined looking King the overflowing, joyous, shining fountain of pure water that emanates from the beautiful Ace of Cups is all love, love, love as in the beginning of. The Ace is only the start of something big, the potential- the ‘seed’ of the suit, and depending on how we nurture and feed and water and raise that seed, there will be trees and seeds and trees and seeds to come. This well is bottomless.

This is a picture of a King very much in love and wants to make this woman his Queen. He may have known her for awhile but has just realized she’s the only one for the job. I’ll bet they have some spectacular fights, these two – and some spectacular making up.

This Ace, associated with the water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, often means the conception or birth of a child, and this may even be only about a child – the King has decided he needs an heir, and this woman, possibly a best friend –  – hears her biological clock ticking,  and they decide to start a family.

She looks as if she is listening – intently, and for once, her lips aren’t moving. Neither are his, but his eyes say it all, and his heart runneth over. My congratulations to happy new parents.

Perhaps they are King and Queen of their own ‘realms’ as in at the top of their respective professions, and if not coming together to make a new human they’re coming together to collaborate on some other sort of creative project, something they both love, but this is the power couple of the year, people will be talking about this union, that’s for sure.


Totally makes sense.



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